Symptom: Difficulty climbing stairs

DESCRIPTION: Climbing stairs is a normal activity which is often taken for granted. Stairs can be problematic for people with arthritis who have physical limitations caused by hip, knee, ankle, foot or even back pain. Shifting weight from one leg to the other in order to maneuver steps is at least challenging and sometimes impossible. Wearing a foot support, ankle support, knee support, or back support can add stability and make it safer for some people when climbing stairs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among adults in the United States with doctor-diagnosed arthritis, 4.8 million report having difficulty climbing stairs. Because of the large number of people affected, accessibility to buildings is a major issue for people living with arthritis and other physical disabilities. It can become an issue in a person's own home if they have a staircase which becomes difficult to navigate. Stairs are also problematic for people who use walkers and wheelchairs.

Conditions Difficulty climbing stairs is associated with (including variations in spelling):

Degenerative arthritis | Joint disease | Joint disorder | Joint health | Knee osteoarthritis | OA | Osteoarthritis |

Diseases associated with Difficulty climbing stairs:

Osteoarthritis |

EAP product(s) which may assist with Difficulty climbing stairs :

OmniFlex |

List of other EAP products:

OmniFlex | ThioGel | ThioGel - L |


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