DESCRIPTION: Solubilized a-Lipoic Acid 200mg softgel capsule: ThioGel is solubilized alpha lipoic acid formulated to achieve maximum absorption and bioavailability. ThioGel is a ""premium"" source of alpha lipoic acid. ThioGel performance and quality is unmatched. ThioGel's advanced formulation delivers the highest alpha lipoic acid absorption & bioavailability with oral dosing. ThioGel products are produced in the United States in a state-of- the-art pharmaceutical production facility that is compliant with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.

The raw material alpha lipoic acid used in ThioGel is obtained from commercial ALA pioneer Antibioticos in Italy. Antibioticos alpha lipoic acid has been used in extensive laboratory, animal, and clinical studies and has been used in ThioGel for 10 years. Even though the Antibioticos alpha lipoic acid costs more than five times the cost of Chinese sources, the proven safety and efficacy of the Antibioticos ALA outweighs any economic benefit from using Chinese-source material. Emphasizing patient safety is particularly important in a situation where large quantities of the active ingredient are consumed over long periods of time. Formulation scientists have devised a variety of means to break-down poorly soluble substances to enhance absorption and bioavailability. The scientists who developed the ThioGel solubilized formulation, performed ground-breaking work on the unique amphipathic structure of alpha lipoic acid, achieving a molecular dispersion that facilitated absorption in the intestines. The ThioGel micelle structure was demonstrated to result in a two to three-fold increase in plasma levels of alpha lipoic acid, versus several crystal (powder) based products. Bioavailability studies were conducted on the ThioGel formulation in rabbits and humans using 50 mg and 400 mg doses. Bioavailability, which is defined as the extent to which the active moiety enters the systemic circulation, thereby gaining access to the site of action, was substantially greater for the ThioGel formulation vs. the powder-based products.

Almost all alpha lipoic acid products are formulated as capsules or tablets, using powdered raw material alpha lipoic acid. There are no good reasons to formulate alpha lipoic acid products in this manner, but there is a considerable saving in manufacturing cost. Kinesiology studies repeatedly show that ThioGel is the favored source of alpha lipoic acid, no doubt because it gets more of the alpha lipoic acid molecule to where it is destined to go.

Ingredients found in ThioGel :

Alpha Lipoic Acid |

Conditions which ThioGel may help with:

Age related conditions | Alcoholism | Anti aging | Anti-aging | Chelation | Chronic hepatitis | Chronic liver disease | Diabetes | Diabetes 2 | Diabetes alternatives | Diabetes II | Diabetes mellitus | Diabetes symptoms | Diabetes type 2 | Diabetes type II | Diabetic | Diabetic neuropathy | Diabetics | EDTA | Fatty liver disease | Heavy metal chelation | Heavy metal chelator | Heavy metal poisoning | Heavy metals | Hep c | Hep c symptoms | Hepatic | Hepatic fibrosis | Hepatic function | Hepatitis | Hepatitis C | Hepititis C virus | Liver cancer | Liver cells | Liver cirrhosis | Liver disease | Liver disease symptoms | Liver diseases | Liver enzymes | Liver fibrosis | Liver function | Liver hepatitis | Lyme disease | Lyme disease symptoms | Lymes | Lymes disease | Mercury poisoning | MS | Multiple sclerosis | NAFLD | Nerve damage | Nerve disease | Nerve function | Neuropathy | Non alcoholic fatty liver disease | Non alcoholic liver disease | Obesity | Oxidative stress | Pheriperal neuropathy | Polyneuropathy | Pre diabetes | Signs of lyme disease | Skin anti aging | Symptoms of diabetes | Symptoms of liver disease | Treatment of lyme disease | Type 2 diabetes | Type 2 diabetics | Type II diabetes | Type II diabetics | Type two diabetics | Viral hepatitis |

Symptoms which ThioGel may help with:

Affect immune function | Chronic fatigue | High blood sugar | High level of mycotoxins | High liver enzymes | Hypoglycemia | Impaired glucose tolerance | Insulin sensitivity | Jaundice | Leg pain | Lipid peroxidation | Low energy | Nerve pain | Numb feet | Numbness | Oxidative stress | Painful feet | Pins and needles | Stress | Tingling | Weight gain | Wrinkles | Yellow skin |

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