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Glaucoma Ethical Alternative Products

Condition: Glaucoma

DESCRIPTION: It is estimated that about 3 million Americans are affected by glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness (after macular degeneration). The main risk factor for glaucoma is an elevation of intraocular eye pressure (IOP) with an IOP of greater than 21 mm Hg being considered indicative of a future risk of glaucoma. Chronically elevated glucose levels, such as found in diabetics, increase the risk of not only glaucoma, but also of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. There is now evidence that adhering to a Paleolithic diet (lean meat, fish, non-starchy vegetables and nuts with little or no grains, dairy products and potatoes

Diseases Glaucoma is associated with:

Aging |

Symptoms associated with Glaucoma:

List of EAP product(s) which may assist with Glaucoma :

List of other EAP products:

OmniFlex | ThioGel | ThioGel - L |


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