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Burning mouth syndrome Ethical Alternative Products

Condition: Burning mouth syndrome

DESCRIPTION: BMS is a chronic burning or stinging sensation in the mouth, in the absence of visible lesions or any other obvious cause. It's not as acute as hot-pepper pain, but it can still be very painful (as bad as a toothache in some cases) and it disrupts its victims' lives. By a large margin, BMS afflicts mainly postmenopausal women. (This has led to the suspicion that hormonal factors may be involved, yet there is little convincing evidence that hormone replacement therapy is effective in treating the disorder.) BMS can affect any part of the mouth, including the lips, but it occurs most often on the tongue, along with various other areas. (There's a special type of BMS that affects only the tongue; it's cleverly called burning tongue, or glossopyrosis in medical jargon). Most studies have found that it's often accompanied by other symptoms, notably xerostomia (dry mouth) and altered taste sensations (typically a persistent bitter or metallic taste). A clinical trial was undeertaken of the efficacy of lipoic acid on the one symptom of burning mouth syndrome: pain. The study involved 42 patients (two age- and sex-matched groups of 21 each), all with classic cases of BMS and no other conditions that might confound the results. The results were highly positive: 76% of the test subjects taking lipoic acid (600 mg/day for 20 days, followed by 200 mg/day for 10 days) showed some improvement, with 43% showing "decided" improvement. By contrast, only 14% of the control subjects taking placebo showed some improvement (0% had decided improvement). When the controls were then switched over to lipoic acid for 30 days, their improvement rate increased to 67% (52% had decided improvement). No side effects were reported, which is consistent with lipoic acid's excellent reputation for safety.

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