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Condition: Brain function

DESCRIPTION: Normal aging is associated with progressive functional losses in perception, cognition, and memory. Although the root causes of age-related cognitive decline are incompletely understood, psychophysical and neuropsychological evidence suggests that a significant contribution stems from poorer signal-to-noise conditions and down-regulated neuromodulatory system function in older brains. As we age, there is a subtle yet very real deteriorate in mental function that begins during midlife. The most common symptom is the deterioration of short-term memory, known as age-associated memory impairment (AAMI). A name forgotten, a missed appointment, even the loss of mental stamina are all signs of AAMI. I want to stress that these temporary lapses are not signs of senility or Alzheimer's disease; they are a normal part of the aging process. The good news is, antioxidants may play a role in helping to preserve mental function. Older but otherwise healthy mice were given lipoic acid in their drinking water. After fourteen days of treatment, the mice had to negotiate their way through a maze. Mice treated with lipoic acid performed significantly better than untreated mice. Many did as well and some even better than mice half their age. The researchers speculated that by boosting antioxidant levels, lipoic acid reduced the amount of oxidative stress in the brain, or perhaps it even slowed down the age-related loss of brain cells. Interestingly, lipoic acid did not improve performance in younger animals that presumably still have strong antioxidant defenses.

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Aging |

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Memory loss |

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