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Heavy metal chelation Ethical Alternative Products

Condition: Heavy metal chelation

DESCRIPTION: To summarize, productive and beneficial chelation protocols use small doses of proper chelators taken frequently. Dangerous protocols use large doses of inappropriate chelators taken infrequently. Productive chelation campaigns result in mercury removal and symptom improvement. Improper, dangerous protocols result in mercury redistribution and damage to the body with very little mercury removal or symptom improvement.

Diseases Heavy metal chelation is associated with:

Heavy metal poisoning |

Symptoms associated with Heavy metal chelation:

Affect immune function | Affect nerves | Chronic fatigue | Disruption of cellular enzymes | Memory loss | Nerve system damage | Premature aging |

List of EAP product(s) which may assist with Heavy metal chelation :

ThioGel | ThioGel - L |

List of other EAP products:

OmniFlex | ThioGel | ThioGel - L |


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