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Liver cells Ethical Alternative Products

Condition: Liver cells

DESCRIPTION: The liver lobule is formed by parenchymal cells, i.e., hepatocytes and nonparenchymal cells. In contrast to hepatocytes that occupy almost 80% of the total liver volume and perform the majority of numerous liver functions, nonparenchymal liver cells, which contribute only 6.5% to the liver volume, but 40% to the total number of liver cells, are localized in the sinusoidal compartment of the tissue. The walls of hepatic sinusoid are lined by three different cell types: sinusoidal endothelial cells (SEC), Kupffer cells (KC), and hepatic stellate cells (HSC, formerly known as fat-storing cells, Ito cells, lipocytes, perisinusoidal cells, or vitamin A-rich cells).

Diseases Liver cells is associated with:

Hepititis C | Liver Disease |

Symptoms associated with Liver cells:

High liver enzymes |

List of EAP product(s) which may assist with Liver cells :

ThioGel | ThioGel - L |

List of other EAP products:

OmniFlex | ThioGel | ThioGel - L |


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